Podcast: Reading “Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere”

If you read my most recent publication over at Crossed Genres magazine (link goes to story), and wondered how it would sound if I read it aloud, or if you’re looking for a 20 minute distraction from your daily commute, I’ve recorded a quick version of “Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere” in .mp3. Listen to it now or download it for later, and please feel free to leave comments.

“Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere” .mp3

Thanks to the editors at Crossed Genres for letting me post this here.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Reading “Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere”

  1. I listened to your submission (M.M.Everywhere) on Tales To Terrify (No. 251). When that little pink predator tried to chomp down on our protagonist, I did some serious hairy-eyeballing to the speaker. Was my hunter a pedophile?! My hunter was taking little girls back to her bedroom. What the HELL was the author doing?! Your story pulled the rug from under me… and I liked that. Thanks, eh. Cheers from Toronto, Ontario.

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