Panels and Presentations

Past Appearances

RoberCon 2017

  • Writing Fantasy – with Faith Hunter
  • Panel discussion of Lovecraft’s short stories

World Fantasy Convention 2015

  • Reading
  • Postmodern Fantasy: Experiments in Fantasy Literature – with Delia Sherman (mod.), Siobhan Carroll, Carrie Cuinn, Jeffrey Ford (program here)

Robercon 2015

  • Writing Strong Women – with Tamora Pierce
  • Short Fiction – with Don Pizarro, Kevin J Lucia, Josh Palmantier

DragonCon 2015

  • Authors Roundtable: Using Podcasting to Deliver Your Story – with Scott Sigler, Gail Z. Martin, Bobby Nash, and Michael Stackpole.

Boskone 2015 (cut short due to blizzard)

World Fantasy Convention 2014:

  • Lafferty as an American Fantasist – with Andy Duncan (M), Andrew Ferguson, Gordon Van Gelder, Don Pizarro, Cat Rambo. (program here)

Boskone 2014:

  • Gender Roles in Doctor Who
  • Capes, Canes, and Superhero Comics
  • From Pixels to Print: The Challenges of Running a Magazine
  • Writers on Writing: Sex Versus Romance

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