Movie Review: “Pride” (2014)

Poster for the film

I know this is an older movie, and in fact I’ve watched it a couple of times before, but I saw it again last week because it’s streaming free on Amazon Prime. Plus, it’s a great movie to watch when you’re stuck at home as a precaution against the plague because at its heart, it’s about found family and community building. It’s about the small ways we win even when we don’t succeed at defeating the big problems, and the repercussions of having hope.

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Movie Review: “Sonic the Hedgehog” vs “Onward”

I took my son to see two movies in the last week: Sonic the Hedgehog, a live action film with a CGI character based on the popular video game, and Pixar’s Onward, a computer-animated original.

Short version? If you can only see one of these movies, choose Onward.

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