Sale: “Call Center Blues” (Reprint) to Luna Station Quarterly


The contract is signed, so I can announce that one of my recent sales was to Luna Station Quarterly. “Call Center Blues” was originally published by Daily Science Fiction, back in 2011, and Luna Station Quarterly is the first to reprint it. With their mission to “display the vast and varied talents of female speculative fiction writers”, I think they’re the best home for this story.

“Call Center Blues” will appear in the September 2016 issue of LSQ. I will post links once I have them, and I hope you’ll support the magazine by reading the story there, even if it isn’t your first time.


Talking About “Call Center Blues” (publication, dissection, and interview)

You can read my most recent publication,“Call Center Blues,” free, online, at Daily Science Fiction. Once you’ve read it, go take a look at Micheal Haynes’ “Short Story Dissection“, where he takes apart my tale and looks its pieces.

Afterwards, you can go here to read his interview with me about the story. Still have questions? Leave me a comment and I’m happy to answer them.

Thanks for reading!