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A variety of non-denominational winter stamps have been acquired.

I’m trying to be less of a “reclusive writer”, reaching out by mail to people I know well, and I realize this could be an opportunity not just to celebrate the friendships I have, but to expand the new friendships I’d like to build on. Since last year’s attempt to send out a bunch of holiday* cards was successful, I’m doing it again this year. So… who wants one?

Anyone who signs up by Wednesday Dec 20 should get their card before Christmas; I’m sending out cards all this month though; if you don’t see this post before Wednesday, feel free to add yourself anyway, and I’ll make certain you’re included. (I’ve sent out a bunch this week already, so if you’ve already gotten an email from me about it, you’re covered.)

If you would like to receive mail from me, please click on the link below and fill out the form. Your answers will not be visible to anyone else.

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And… if you want to send mail to me, you can do so at:


Thank you, for enlarging my world.

* Whatever this means to you. Choose from a variety of holidays, non-denominational writing inspiration, recipes, or simply an acknowledgement that winter hasn’t killed you yet. Because that’s worth celebrating too!

Note: if you signed up last year, you’re already on my list, and you don’t need to do so again. But! If you moved, or want to change your preferences, please do take a second to update your information in my form. Thanks!

A Month of Letters


I’ve signed up to do A Month of Letters, beginning today. This is a simple and straightforward challenge to correspond more with other members of our community. Send one thing through the mail each day, excepting Sundays, and reply to anyone who writes to you. That’s it. As an introvert with a busy schedule and a lot of stress, I don’t reach out nearly as often as I want to. I think about it, and then something else bustles into view and I have to focus on that instead. By setting a specific start and end date, I can more comfortably devote the time and energy, like when I sent holiday cards in December.

More than that – for me it’s a tiny way to connect in a tangible way to people I mostly interact with online. As Mary Robinette Kowal said in this year’s introduction post:

It’s really not about getting letters, it’s about reaching out.

I mailed 28 holiday cards this last year, mainly to people I hadn’t spent time with in person, and heard back from folks who were truly touched. I know what it’s like to only get bills in the mail, and I’m looking forward to being able to offer a little friendliness in the mailbox instead.

Want to join me? You can add me as a friend, here: http://lettermo.com/members/carriecuinn/