Weeknotes 4.2 (April 15, 2020)

April 13, 2020

Not sleeping enough. Working on several different things that are all possibilities, so there’s not much to announce yet. Still making art though, so you know I’m still alive.


I’ve spent a lot of time with my headphones in this week. Listening to music isn’t the same now that I’ve lost so much of my hearing; I’m completely deaf in my left ear so putting in that earbud is kind of just for show. (Otherwise people try to talk to me.) I can hear some of the instruments and I know when people are singing, though I’m relying more and more on my memory of the lyrics since I can’t usually make out the words. I listen to older music I already know, or – like with the phenomenal Spiderverse sountrack – I have to look up the lyrics and teach them to myself.

Which I do because I love music. I don’t mind being deaf. It doesn’t bother me to have to keep subtitles on when I watch TV (plus I watch a lot of foreign-language films, and as we all know from 90s anime fan dubs, subtitles are always better). I already didn’t talk on the phone much, and I can still follow a conversation pretty well when it’s just the two of us. I’d rather have an intimate moment with a close friend anyway.

But I don’t want to lose hearing my son tell me he loves me, or hear the right person say my name. Everything else is negotiable. Music, though, if I can keep what I have left of that…

My current uptempo playlist includes a couple of Spiderverse tracks, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Queen, half the Muppets From Space soundtrack, some Bowie, Aquabats, The Runaways, Janelle Monae, Gorillaz, a bunch of Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies covers, and the best songs from Tokyo Drift.

Oh! And I discovered I still have the Chess Broadway cast recording ripped, so that’s on my phone now too.


My tv and movie consumption has gone way down the last few months. It started before the pandemic; I think it’s getting into a good work from home groove. Since I can’t watch anything I care about while I work (need those subtitles) I either leave it on something forgettable (HGTV, Law and Order, the news) just to have background noise, or I make time to set aside everything else so I can focus only on what I’m watching. My queue is staggeringly long right now. But I did watch Attack the Block again, and got excitable about the movie’s opening here.


I’m on a non-fiction kick this week, mostly books about books/book history.

I did post my thoughts about MIND MGMT book 2, if you’re interested.

Extra Bits:

Everything we’re doing now to keep functioning while trying not to come into contact with strangers, like no-touch deliveries and grocery pickup, writing letters, appreciating what we already have at home, and being more open to tiny bits of love and joy? I hope we keep all of that.

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