Weeknotes 2.1 (February 2020)

Anatomy studies after Bridgman, Feb 16, 2020

In February I started anatomy practice, shoring up the part of illustration I think I’m the worst at: drawing people. I’m doing studies from a couple of different books (first up, George B. Bridgman’s Constructive Anatomy) and then practicing my line work by finishing my sketches in ink pen (mostly Pigma Microns). This is my favorite page of bones I’ve drawn so far.

February was an entire month, huh? A for real, at least 4 weeks long month? For me, it was mostly a blur of being asleep, coughing myself awake, and trying to get back to sleep again. I caught the flu some time around the start of the second week and here I am three+ weeks later, mostly better but still can’t shake this deep-in-my-chest cough. Doc says I’m not contagious, and my son – who also got sick but recovered quicker – is back to school, so I’m doing my best to get back to work. Part of that is this: regular blog updates. This one covers a whole month, but don’t worry. Like a February you mostly slept through, it’s shorter than you expect.

Feeling and Thinking:

I’m frustrated that I’m still even a little sick, and more annoyed about the fact it keeps me from drawing than anything else. I can and did write in February, even started a new project I’m making great progress on, but when I cough while drawing my hand skitters across the page and fucks up whatever I was trying to create. After two weeks off because I gave up fighting myself, I’m just starting to draw again, which helps me feel like I’m back on track, but taking time off proves to me how much I miss it. I need art in my life, if not every day than at least several days a week.


I watched very little, actually, except for some Law and Order marathons. I did manage to sit upright long enough to watch:

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts official art (Netflix)
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, a great animated kid’s series on Netflix. Lots of heart, good messages, on-screen diversity (including people of color and at least one out-loud queer kid) and the wonderbeasts were a lot of fun. I love the bright colors and the hopeful post-apocalypse gave me a lot of feels. Be warned it ends on a cliffhanger and some younger kids might be upset about that, but if you think your child (or you) can handle the wait for season 2, it’s well worth watching.
  • The first two episodes of the new Twilight Zone. Don’s reviewing them on his site; “The Comedian” was decent, with Tracey Morgan playing an excellently devilish minor character who stole the show. “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet” was unexpectedly brilliant. I thought it would be a simple remake but it’s so much more – and so much better – than that.
  • I started Locke & Key on Netflix. I read the comics of course, and I’m enjoying the show a lot, even though it’s different from the books. It’s enough the same that it’s clearly the same story, while being new enough that it’s not boring. I’m not watching only exactly what I’ve already seen. (If I hadn’t gotten sick I’d have already finished this, probably binging it in a few days.)


I didn’t read much this month; a few art books, some online articles.

Extra Bits:

I post most of my sketches/art to Instagram, if you want to follow me there.

Oh, yeah, I did one other thing in February… after more than two years struggling to do All The Things without reliable transportation, I bought a very used but nicely maintained car. A car! Of my own! That I can use anytime I want! It’s already helped so much in the week I’ve owned it, getting everything done while still sick wouldn’t have been possible before. I can’t wait until this summer – I’m going to take my son to do everything.



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