Bills to Pay and Words to Write

It’s sometimes hard to make ends meet as a full-time freelancer, and the last couple of months, work has been slow. I’m always looking for new clients (need an editor? Check out my services here), applying for jobs, pitching for writing gigs — if you know of anything, please send it my way.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to use what I do best to pay some bills.

I’ve been taking prompts from friends and fans who contribute to my rent and expenses, and writing them into flash length fiction stories. So far in this round, I’ve posted five tales:

If you want to inspire your own story, you can get on the list by donating any amount via my PayPal, HERE. (Seriously, any amount. I appreciate the help.) You don’t need a PayPal account to use that link.

You can give me a phrase, like “Dachshunds from Mars”, or individual prompts, like “forest stream, tall and short, violet, bunny, moons.” You can give me a name you’d like me to use for a character, or tell me what genre/time period your story should be in. (I reserve the right to say no, but as long as your ideas don’t include gratuitous sex or violence against vulnerable people, I probably won’t.) From your idea, I’ll write a flash fiction story of about 1000 words. I send the stories to the person who prompted them for review, and then post them here with a note about who gave me the prompt. You get credit for your ideas 🙂

I’ve got a few more stories in the queue which will post to my site over the next week or two, but after that, I’m done unless someone else contributes to the list.

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