Who wants a holiday card?

This is the first year since I moved to NY that I’ve felt on top of my to do list enough to try sending out a bunch of holiday* cards. I’ve been reaching out to people I know well, and I realized that this is an opportunity not just to celebrate the friendships I have, but to expand the friendships I’m starting to build. So… who wants a holiday card?

If you would like to receive mail from me, please click on the link below and fill out the form. Your answers will not be visible to anyone else.

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Thank you for enlarging my world.

* Whatever this means to you. Choose from a variety of holidays, non-denominational writing inspiration, recipes, or simply an acknowledgement that winter hasn’t killed you yet. Because that’s worth celebrating too!

2 thoughts on “Who wants a holiday card?

  1. Egads, I noticed this just now! Hopefully I’m not too late. If I am too late, it’s all right. Next year! 🙂

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