New workshop starts November 16, but Apex Publications is raffling off a spot!

My next workshop is Editing 101. This will be a 4* week online workshop, beginning November 16.

Apex Publications, run by Jason Sizemore, has purchased a spot in this workshop and is raffling it to raise money. Half of the proceeds will benefit Apex, which puts out a variety of books (including the Apex Book of World SF series) and the excellent Apex Magazine. The other half will go to me.

Sizemore isn’t just helping out a friend, though he’s doing that too; he has taken a workshop with me before, and says, “As someone who has taken one of Carrie’s workshops, I can vouch for the quality and expertise she brings to the table.”

The raffle is ending next Monday. (All online entries must be received by November 2nd, 2015, at 11:59PM EST.) You can get one entry for $3, two for $5, or five for $10. And, there’s more:

Raffle tickets also enter you in a chance to win print copies of Women and Other Constructs by Carrie Cuinn, Starve Better by Nick Mamatas, To Each Their Darkness by Gary A. Braunbeck, and For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher by Jason Sizemore. Perfect reading for every writer!

You can get your raffle tickets here.

About the workshop:

Course description:

“Editing 101” – AKA “Editing for Writers”. Identifying parts of a story, tenses and perspectives, narrative arcs, and other elements that are potentially affected by the editing process. Definitions, editing marks, using (and creating) style sheets, important style manuals, levels of editing, and fact-checking. The basics of copyediting: concepts and skills necessary for line editing (also called copyediting), relying mainly on the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed; editing vs. proofreading; tips for spotting tricky errors. The basics of developmental editing: what it is and isn’t, including the specifics of developmental editing in fiction. We’ll also cover rates, and working with clients, including querying about edits, maintaining an author’s voice, and related services. Usually this workshop is $100 for 4 weeks.

If you’d like to enroll now, you can sign up here.

* I always include a little one-on-one work with each student to help tailor the experience to the it individual needs (which, if necessary, includes expanding the work into a 5th week). All workshops take place in my private online forum, so you can post questions, comments, and writing excerpts without worrying who will see it. Plus, since we have deadlines of a certain day, not a set class hour, you can be anywhere in the world and still participate!

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