UPDATED List: 150+ Asian Speculative Fiction Authors (with links)

Updated to add suggestions from the comments/email/Twitter. All authors mentioned prior to 3/18/2016 are now included. If you’re not on this list but should be, or you’re on it but want me to link to a more recent story or current website, please comment below.

I’ve been wanting to expand my reading to include more international speculative fiction, and more non-white American authors. I am privileged to know a couple of brilliant writers who also happen to be Asian, and that seemed a good place to start my reading*. I put together a list of work I’d been meaning to explore, and then solicited ideas from Twitter and the SFWA forums. Most people suggested the same couple of names over and over again… while it’s, honestly, wonderful that we’ve reached a point in SF/F where these authors are being read and discussed at all, there’s so much more diversity in our fiction, if we just look for it. There’s almostover a hundred and fifty published writers on this list, and I know it isn’t everyone.

The authors are listed alphabetically by given name, so the list doesn’t imply hierarchy. I also didn’t sort by ancestry, current geographic location, or place of birth (though I noted it where it’s listed in author bios**), because the writers listed here have placed varying degrees of importance on those facts. Some work in American tropes, subverting the “classic” science fiction of the 50s, while others retell the myths of their homeland in new and unique ways. Some look to the future, extrapolating possibilities from their own experiences. There’s no one style, structure, or emotional context that can be called “Asian writing”. What these authors have in common is that they’re all of Asian descent, and they all write speculative fiction***. These authors write primarily in English—I’ve included a few translated works, but I can’t vouch for the authenticity of voice, so I tried to choose English-language stories wherever possible.

I want to thank Clarkesworld, Apex Magazine, Crossed Genres Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, Strange Horizons, Giganotosaurus, The World SF Blog, and Daily Science Fiction for repeatedly publishing these authors. Looking for diversity in short speculative fiction? Look to those publications. (Or my own, Lakeside Circus.) When I could find it, I’ve linked to the author’s Twitter, website, blog, list of publications, and/or a sample short story. I’ve also noted if the author works primarily in YA or MG fiction.

    1. Aditya Bidikar (Indian, shorts) story: “You Cannot Fight the WarWorld SF blog
    2. Alec Austin (Chinese-American, shorts) twitter website story: “Brief Interviews with TherianthropesDaily Science Fiction
    3. Alice Sola Kim (shorts) website publications story: “Hwang’s Brilliant DaughtersLightspeed
    4. Alliete de Bodard (French/Vietnamese, shorts stories/novels, Nebula and BFSA winner) twitter website publications story: “The Weight of a Blessing” Clarkesworld
    5. Alexander Osias (Filipino, shorts) G+ twitter
    6. Apol Lejano-Massebieau (Filipino, shorts) story: “The Sewing Project” Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2009
    7. Amish Tripathi (Indian, novels) twitter
    8. Amitav Ghosh (Indian, novels, Arthur C. Clark award, Man Booker shortlist) website publications blog
    9. Andrea G. Stewart (Chinese-American, shorts/novels) website Twitter
    10. Andrew Drilon (Filipino, shorts/comics/editing) blog
    11. Andrew Fukuda (Chinese/Japanese, novels) (YA) twitter website blog
    12. Andrew Vu website twitter facebook
    13. Anil Menon (Indian, shorts/novels/editing) website blog story: “ArchipelagoStrange Horizons
    14. Ashok Banker (Indian, novels) wikipedia
    15. Benjanun “Bee” Sriduangkaew (shorts) twitter blog story: “AnnexClarkesworld
    16. Berit Ellingsen (shorts, novel) website
    17. Brenda “B.W.” Clough (shorts/novels, Hugo and Nebula nominee) website publications
    18. Bryan Thao Worra (Laotian-American, shorts/poems) twitter blog poem: “No Such PhiLakeside Circus
    19. Budjette Tan (Filipino, comics/shorts, Philippine National Book Award winner) twitter blog story: “The Last Full ShowAlternative Alamat
    20. Camsy Ocumen (Filipino, shorts) story: “The Day the World Lost Its Gravity” Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2009
    21. Cassandra Khaw website
    22. Cecelia Manguerra Brainard (Filipino-American, novels/shorts/editing) website wiki
    23. Cecilia Tan (novelist, editing, shorts ) twitter website publications free fiction (sample chapters/serials)
    24. Celestine Trinidad (Filipino, shorts) story: “Under a Mound of Earth, part 1Philippine Genre Stories
    25. Charles Tan (Filipino, shorts/editing) twitter blog publications story: “The Fortunes of Mrs. Yu” The Dragon and the Stars”
    26. Charles Yu (shorts/novels, John W. Campbell nominee) twitter
    27. Chitra Divakaruni (Indian-American, shorts/novels/poems, Pushcart prize) website blog
    28. Cindy Pon (Taiwanese, novels) (YA) twitter website blog sample: first 70 pages of Silver Phoenix
    29. Claire Light (Chinese, shorts) website blog publications story: “The Apocalypse ArtistStretcher
    30. Crystal Koo (shorts, lectures) website twitter publications story: “HeartlandAbyss & Apex
    31. Dean Francis Alfar (Filipino, shorts/novels/plays/editing) twitter wiki story: “The New Daughter” Philippine Genre Stories”
    32. Derwin Mak (Chinese-Canadian, shorts/novels/editing Aurora award) twitter website publications blog novella: “Kleinheimat
    33. Dinesh Rao (Indian, shorts) blog story: “The Portal PlagueThe World SF Blog
    34. Don Pizarro (Filipino-American, shorts/editing) twitter website publications story: “Life After Wartime” Lakeside Circus
    35. Dwight Okita (novels) website
    36. Dung Kai-Cheung (Chinese, novels/plays) bio
    37. E. Lily Yu (shorts/poems, John W. Campbell award, Hugo/Nebula/WFA nominee) website publications story: “The Urashima EffectClarkesworld
    38. E.C. Myers (Korean-German-American, novels/shorts, Andre Norton winner) (YA) twitter websitepublications
    39. E.L. Chen (Chinese-Canadian) website
    40. EeLeen Lee (Malaysian, shorts) twitter blog publications story: “Future GardensFutura
    41. EK Gonzales (Filipino, shorts) blog publications story: “Last Stand at Ayala CenterPhilippine Genre Stories
    42. Elbert Or (Filipino, shorts) website twitter
    43. Eliza Victoria (Filipino, shorts/poems) twitter website publications story: “Fairy TalesDaily Science Fiction
    44. Ellen Oh (Korean-American, novels) (YA) twitter website publications blog
    45. Elsie Chapman (YA) twitter website publications blog
    46. Emily Jiang (Chinese, shorts/poems) twitter website publications story: “The Binding of Ming-tianApex Magazine
    47. Eric Choi (shorts/editing, Aurora award) website publications
    48. Eric Kotani (penname of Yoji Kondo, shorts) publications
    49. Erin Hoffman (shorts/novels) website blog story: “Darkest AmberElectric Velocipede
    50. Eugie Foster (shorts/novels, Nebula winner) twitter website blog publications story: “Trixie and the Pandas of DreadApex Magazine
    51. Francezca C. Kwe (Filipino, shorts) story: “The Fires of the Sun in a Crystalline Sky” Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2009
    52. Gabriela Lee (Filipino, shorts/poems) site story: “The Nameless Ones (Part 1)” and “Part 2
    53. Grace Lin (novels, Newberry winner) (YA) website blog
    54. Greg van Eekhout (Indo-American, shorts/novels) (YA) twitter website blog story: “Last Son of Tomorrow” Tor online
    55. Hari Kunzru (British-Indian, novels/shorts, British Book Award) twitter blog bio
    56. Haruki Murakami (Japanese, novels/shorts, World Fantasy Award) website
    57. Henry Lien (Taiwanese-American, shorts/novels) website
    58. Hideyuki Kikuchi (Japanese, novels) Vampire Hunter D
    59. Hiromi Goto (Japanese-Canadian, novels/shorts/editing) (YA) website blog publications twitter
    60. Hiroshi Yamamoto (Japanese) novel excerpt: The Stories of Ibis
    61. Indrapramit Das (Indian, shorts) twitter website story: “Karina Who Kissed SpacetimeApex Magazine
    62. Isamu Fukui (novels) (YA) website
    63. Jacqueline Koyanagi (novels) novel excerpt: Tangled Axion series
    64. Jade Kerrion (novels) website Facebook
    65. Jack Teng (Chinese-Canadian) website Twitter
    66. Jaymee Goh story: (shorts) twitter blogLunar Year’s EndCrossed Genres
    67. J.C. Hsyu story: “Safecracker, SafeThe Future Fire
    68. Jei D. Marcade Korean-American, shorts, aka Jessica J. Lee) twitter website publications story: “The Flute-Maker’s DaughterCrossed Genres Magazine
    69. Jeremy Sim (shorts) website publications story: “Addressing the ManticoreCrossed Genres Magazine
    70. Jessica May Lin (shorts) blog story: “Mortar FlowersNature
    71. John Chu twitter website publications story: “The Water That Falls on You from NowhereTor online
    72. John Nakamura Remy (Japanese-American, shorts) blog twitter
    73. Joseph Lee website
    74. Joyce Chng (Chinese, short story writer and novelist, aka J. Damask) (YA) twitter blog publications story: “Eagle FeathersWorld SF Blog
    75. Julie Kagawa (novels/shorts) (YA) twitter website publications blog
    76. JY Yang website
    77. Karalynn Lee (shorts/novels) website story: “UnsilencedBeneath Ceaseless Skies
    78. Karen Francisco (novel) (YA) twitter
    79. Kate Aton-Osias (Filipino, shorts/editing) blog publications story: “The Proper Princess ProtocolsPhilippine Genre Stories
    80. Kazuo Ishiguro (Japanese-British, novels, Man Booker Prize) wiki
    81. Ken Liu (Chinese, short story writer and translator, Hugo, Nebula, and WFA winner) twitter website publications story: “The PlagueNature
    82. Kendare Blake (Korean-American, novels/shorts) twitter website blog story: “Choking on Owl FeathersMirror Dance
    83. Kenneth Kao (shorts) website story: “SelflessDaily Science Fiction
    84. Kenneth Yu (Filipino, shorts/editing) website twitter
    85. Keyan Bowes (Indian, novels/shorts) website blog story: “Spoiling VeenaExpanded Horizons
    86. Kimberly Pauley (Chinese-American, novelist) website twitter facebook
    87. Kobo Abe (novels) wiki
    88. Kristine Ong Muslim (shorts/poems) twitter website blog story: “ZombieSouthern Pacific Review
    89. KS Augustin website
    90. Kuzhali Manickavel (Indian, novel/shorts) story: “Saint DieselLive Mint
    91. Kyra Ballesteros (Filipino, shorts) twitter blog story: “RetokadoPhilippine Genre Stories
    92. Larissa Lai (Chinese-Canadian, novels/shorts) twitter website publications
    93. Laurence Yep (Chinese-American, novels/plays, Laura Ingalls Wild medal winner) (YA) wiki
    94. Lily Hoang (novels/editing) twitter blog
    95. Linda Sue Park (Korean-American, novelist, Newberry winner) (YA) twitter website blog
    96. Lissa Price Lissa Price (novelist) (YA) website twitter Starters sample
    97. Liu Cixin (Chinese, novels, Galaxy award and Nebula winner) wiki sample: except from Ball Lightning, translated by Joel Martinsen
    98. Livia Blackburne (novel forthcoming) (YA) twitter blog
    99. Lori M. Lee (novels/shorts) (YA) twitter website blog story: “The PiperDaily Science Fiction
    100. Mainak Dhar (Indian, novels) website
    101. Malinda Lo (Chinese-American, novels/shorts) (YA) twitter website blog
    102. Manil Suri (Indian, novels) twitter website publications
    103. Marianne Villanueva (Filipino, shorts/editing) blog story: “WaveringLITnIMAGE
    104. Marie Lu (Mongolian/Chinese-American, novelist, NY Times Bestseller) (YA) twitter websiteblog
    105. Marjorie M. Lu (Chinese-American, novelist, NY Times Bestseller) twitterwebsite blog
    106. Mary Anne Mohanraj (Tamil-American, novels) twitter websiteblog story: “Hunting for Mangoes” originally in Old World Folktales
    107. Masaki Yamada (Japanese, novels) winner of Nihon SF Taisho Award
    108. Mia Tijam facebook story: “Wishes Do Come True” Expanded Horizons
    109. Michael A. R. Co (shorts) story: “The God Equation” Philippine Speculative Fiction
    110. Michelle Sagara (sometimes “Michelle West” or “Michelle Sagara West”, Japanese-Canadian, novels) website blog shorts
    111. Mike Jung (novels) (MG) twitter blog
    112. Mina V. Esguerra (novels) (YA) website twitter publications
    113. Minsoo Kang (Korean, novels/shorts) wiki
    114. Mo Francisco (shorts) website publications story: “Stranger People
    115. Nahoko Uehashi (Japanese, novels) (YA) short bio
    116. Nghi Vo (shorts, John W. Campbell nominee) story: “Shadows Cast By Moonlight
    117. Nikki Alfar (Filipino, shorts/editing) publications story: “Divine LightPhilippine Genre Stories
    118. Noriko Ogiwara (Japanese, novels)  Dragon Sword and Wind Child
    119. Paolo Chikiamco (Filipino, shorts/comics/editing) website twitter story: “Lex Talionis” Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2009
    120. Priya Sharma (Indian, living in UK) website story: “Rag and Bone Tor.com
    121. Rahul Kanakia (Indian-American, novels/shorts) twitter blog story: “We Planted the Sad Child and WaitedDaily Science Fiction
    122. Rajan Khanna (Indian, shorts) website publications story: “Quantum EntanglementDaily Science Fiction
    123. Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (Filipino, short story writer and poet) twitter website publications story: “Of the Liwat’ang Yawa, the Litok-litok and their PreyWeird Fiction Review
    124. Roshani Chokshi website
    125. S. Evans (shorts) blog story: “Indra’s StoryStrange Horizons
    126. Samit Basu (Indian, novels/comics/shorts) twitter website story: “Electric Sonalika” World SF Blog
    127. Sangu Mandanna (Indian, novels) (YA) twitter website blog
    128. Sarwat Chadda (novels) website twitter
    129. S.B. Divya website
    130. Shelly Li (Chinese-American, shorts/novels) twitter website story: “A Good TimeNature
    131. Shweta Narayan (Indian, shorts/poetry/editing) website story: “The River’s ChildrenExpanded Horizons
    132. Shveta Thakrar (Indian, short story writer and novelist) (YA) twitter story: “Lavanya and DeepikaDemeter’s Spicebox
    133. Somtow Sucharitkul (also “S.P. Somtow”, Thai-American, novels/shorts/music composer, World Fantasy Award, Campbell) blog
    134. Stephanie Lai (Chinese-Australian, shorts) twitter blog story: “The Last RickshawCrossed Genres
    135. Sunil Patel (Indian-American, shorts) website Twitter
    136. Susan Ee (novels) website twitter
    137. TJ Dimacali (Filipino, shorts) amazon twitter
    138. Ted Chiang (shorts, Nebula, Campbell, Hugo awards) wiki short story: “Exhalation
    139. Toh EnJoe (Japanese, novels/shorts) “Harlequin’s Butterfly” (translated from Japanese)
    140. Tony Pi (Taiwanese-Canadian, shorts, Campbell nominee) twitter website publications story: “The Gold SilkwormFantasy Magazine
    141. Trevor Shikaze (shorts) story: “Like No PlaceLakeside Circus
    142. Vajra Chandrasekera (Sri Lankan, shorts) website twitter “By Dawn’s Barbed Light” Lakeside Circus
    143. Vandana Singh (Indian, shorts/poetry) website story: “Ruminations in an Alien TongueLightspeed Magazine
    144. Vanessa Fogg (Thai-Chinese-American) website story: “Between Sea and Shore” at GigaNotoSaurus
    145. Victor Fernando R. Ocampo (Filipino, shorts) website twitter story: “How my Sister Leonora Brought Home a Wife” Lakeside Circus
    146. Vikram Chandra (Indian-American, novels) website
    147. Wesley Chu (Taiwanese-American, novels) website twitter blog
    148. William F. Wu (Chinese-American, novels/shorts, Hugo/Nebula/WFA nominee) website
    149. Yoon Ha Lee (Korean-American, shorts) twitter website publicationsblog story: “Effigy NightsClarkesworld
    150. Yukimi Ogawa (Japanese, short story writer) story: “Town’s EndStrange Horizons
    151. Yvette Tan (Filipino, shorts, non-fiction) twitter website story: “Seek Ye Whore” Rogue
    152. Zen Cho (Malaysian, short story writer, John W. Campbell award nominee) twitter website publications novella: “The House of AntsGiganotosaurus

Curating this list–getting recommendations, finding links and stories, putting it all together, deleting names that didn’t have any kind of web presence or didn’t write speculative prose–took dozens of hours, and I’m confident I still didn’t get everyone. If you know of a SF/F/H author of Asian descent who isn’t on this list, please comment below.

* Authors listed as X-American were born in the US or otherwise identify themselves as -American in their bios. If you are on this list and want to be identified differently, let me know. If you know someone on this list has referred to themselves as being of a different race/ethnicity/nationality in an official bio, please post the link below. I don’t want to misidentify anyone, and have left off that description where I couldn’t find it.

** The authors on this list have all published novels or stories; while I noted where some are also comics writers, critics, poets, or playwrights, I excluded those who didn’t also write prose fiction. There’s a whole slew of Asian comics writers, for example, who’re doing great SF/F/H stories, but that’s another list. #SFWApro

86 thoughts on “UPDATED List: 150+ Asian Speculative Fiction Authors (with links)

  1. Carrie, thanks for including me in your great list. I want to correct the spelling of my last name. It is Dwight Okita (not Dwight Okada). Thanks for putting my website address. Could you also add a link to my speculative novel THE PROSPECT OF MY ARRIVAL. http://amzn.to/HsrVSF
    It’s about a human embryo that’s allowed to preview the world before deciding whether to be born. Amazon finalist. My new novel is THE HOPE STORE. It’s about the first store in the world to sell hope over the counter.
    Also the link to my acclaimed poetry book CROSSING WITH THE LIGHT is

  2. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks for making this list – it must have been a TON of work! And thanks too for including me:) Also, just wanted to let you know that I am Indian.

  3. Hi! This is a great list. I have a couple of suggested additions, both Japanese: (1) Masaki Yamada, who has won several awards including the Nihon SF Taisho Award. Works translated to English include “Aphrodite”, a short novel about a floating city, and “After The Long Goodbye”, a surreal cyberpunk novel set in the universe of Mamoru Oshii’s “Ghost in the Shell” movies. (2) Hiroshi Yamamoto, whose novel “The Stories of Ibis” contains a whole sampler of short stories about technology, communication, and AI ranging from the modern day to the very far future. An excerpt is available here: http://wordswithoutborders.org/article/from-the-stories-of-ibis/ .

  4. Thanks for doing this! May I be added as well? I’m a Chinese-Quebecois-Canadian SFF novelist. I’ve been recently published with Permuted Press: An Okanagan Messiah Cometh. My website is mybossisadroid.com My twitter is @mybossisadroid

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