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A quick post today. Here’s a list of some of the other blogs that I read consistently. These aren’t the personal blogs of my favorite authors (that’ll come later) but they are places where you can find a variety of news and fiction. If you like the things I write, or the things I talk about reading, you should probably also read:

  • Philippine Genre Stories – This is Kenneth Yu’s site, and he does sometimes post about his own writing, but mostly he shares genre fiction by other Filippino authors.
  • International Speculative Fiction – “an e-zine with free online distribution every 3 months featuring Speculative Fiction exclusively of International authors (non-anglophone authors).”
  • Weird Fiction Review -“an ongoing exploration into all facets of the weird, from the classics to the next generation of weird writers and international weird. Reviews, interviews, short essays, comics, and occasional fiction. This site exists in a symbiotic relationship with S.T. Joshi’s print journal The Weird Fiction Review but does not share staff.” I will say that it’s big, it covers a lot of ground, it has a mix of reviews and editorials and fiction … and is heavily influenced by the particular tastes of its editors. Don’t read it thinking that this will explain or encompass all weird fiction ever (it’s based on one giant compendium of fiction, not weird fiction in general), but do read it especially to learn about non-Western or non-English weird fiction and lesser-known authors.

These sites are US based,  and primarily talk about American/UK English-language works:

  • Genreville – Hosted by Publishers Weekly, “Genreville covers science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing news from around the world.” A good way to stay updated.
  • Locus Online News – Covering publishing news that relates to genre fiction, plus updates on awards, contests, conventions, obituaries, workshops, and other milestones. Read this plus Genreville and you’ll know all the basic highlights.
  • SF Signal – the best Hugo award winning fan-based speculative fiction online zine. Reviews, news, podcasts, cover art, videos, links and more. If you want to know what fans of the genre are thinking and talking about, this is a good place to start.

What are your favorite sites, and why?

Please note: everything on this list is posted in English, though some of it is translated from other languages.

2 thoughts on “Other Blogs You Should Be Reading

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Carrie. 🙂

  2. SF Signal is a wonderful roundup of SF news, I hit it every day. The “tidbits” are especially good. I’ll check Locus once or twice a week, and generally whatever popular links crop up online (io9, WFR, so on). OH, World SF Blog, I check that maybe once a week too. I have a bunch plugged into my RSS feed and I skim headlines to see what grabs me.

    I also read a ton of political / economics blogs…but that’s not what we’re talking about, is it?

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