Putting Together IN SITU, and What Comes Next

My second anthology (as editor) is out now. IN SITU is a collection of 15 science fiction stories centering around the idea of xenoarcheology – or alien archeology – whether it’s us digging up artifacts left by aliens long ago, or some future alien scientist digging up the remains of us. The stories range from mysterious discoveries in 19th century deserts, through modern times, and into the future of this planet and others.

I have had a lot of anxiety about this title because some of you might recall it came out a bit late. Well, about a year late, to be honest. That terrible, emotional, liminal year that I had? It affected lots of things, including how ready I was to get back to my work. As things got sorted out, settled down, and life got better for me and others, I started poking around at IN SITU, thinking that if I could get that done, it’d be like pushing a boulder over a hill – once it crested it would just roll on down the other side. There’s always another hill, but at least I’d be moving forward, and have regained some momentum.

I have to thank my authors for working with me to get the book out quickly once it started to come together. I had my heart set on getting it released before Readercon, and I did it! I even manage to rush the shipping on a couple of copies to give to Bear Weiter and Ken Liu, who I knew I’d be seeing there.


It came out last Tuesday, and while we don’t yet have reviews or advertising out, news of the book spread pretty quickly. I started to see both print and ebook sales at a faster rate than I did for Cthulhurotica, which makes sense considering this is a more accessible, more mainstream SF book.

And then this happened:

It’s not just the paperback – the Kindle version is doing even better, and is also listed as a Hot New Release. I’m starting to hear back from readers that they really liked the book, were intrigued by the concepts, interested in the science, laughed at the right moments, and so on. I think that as reviews get posted and we get some ads up, the sales will do even better. I know this is a great book, and while it suffered some cuts and indignations along the path toward publication, I like what became of it.

So, what’s next?

I have some Dagan Books work to get caught up on – website, accounting, setting up other publication venues, and so on – and some personal writing to do (both fiction and non-fiction) but the biggest next step is getting FISH out. My co-editor KV Taylor and I are right now working together to get the edits back to authors, and then we’ll put the art together, and get the book out. We already have a table of contents, a beautiful cover, and amazing stories, so it won’t take long.

Thank you all for being here with me while I pushed this boulder up that long, arduous, hill.

Interested in reading IN SITU?

EPUB for nook and other readers, $3.99: Click here to buy DRM FREE

MOBI for nook and other readers, $3.99: Click here to buy DRM FREE

Trade paperback, 5″x8″, 248 pages, via Amazon, $9.99: Click here to buy ISBN-10: 0983137323

KINDLE edition via Amazon, $3.99: Click here to buy ASIN: B008J4ZBLW

4 thoughts on “Putting Together IN SITU, and What Comes Next

  1. I have to write my review! 🙂 (It’s likely to go to the Nerds instead of SF Signal, since its their turn to bat).

    • Ah then I need to send a copy to John for SF Signal. Thanks for reading it so quickly! And questions about it?

      • Yeah, I try to alternate whenever possible my reviews, since they do have a “negotiated treaty” to my work. And for this, when I am dealing with a sheaf of stories, I’d rather the more freeform FN approach anyhow.

        Questions–hmm. Did I miss the credit on who did all the illustrations?

        • That’s a good plan.

          And the interior illustrations are mine, though adapted from public domain works and not strictly original, so I didn’t want to make a big announcement about it. Felt more like graphic design than illustration; part of the page layout. There’s a credit at the beginning of the book.

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