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New Fiction


  • Annabelle Tree” – Previously published in a charity anthology. One of my favorite pieces, this is a third-person tale, only a little fantastical.  A young girl, looking to be loved, and finding it at the last possible moment. Magic realism, 2400 words.
  • Mrs. Henderson’s Cemetery Dance” – Previously published at Red Penny Papers. Third person, fun, historical horror (though, you know, the happy kind). 4650 words.
  • Mitch’s Girl” – Previously published in the anthology, Rigor Amortis. My zombie erotica story! Short and… well, not sweet at all. Erotic horror. 1200 words.
  • All The Right Words” – Previously published at Goldfish Grimm. Third person SF story about a girl done wrong. Different planet, same problems… even when the scenery changes, people may not. 1475 words.

If you want to contribute to future stories, you can use the Paypal link below to send me what you feel they’re worth. Everything I earn this way goes toward me putting new fiction online for free, instead of selling them elsewhere.

Thank you.

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