Editing notes, and sample project


Sample project:

Say you have a 95,000 word novel you’d like to have line-edited. You’ve never worked with me before, but you know someone who has, you enjoyed an anthology I edited, or you’re a fan of my fiction…

Step 1) Contact me about your project. We briefly discuss what you’re looking for, what genre it’s in (which gives me a chance to tell you that yes, I’ve edited erotica, or no, I won’t edit your 200k epic exploration of why child prostitution works so well in other countries and we should make that legal in the US), and your time frame.

Step 2) You send me 5 pages from your novel, and I edit it. In addition, if I think the project needs developmental editing, I tell you.

2 A) You have the option to send me the entire project to read, if you’re not certain it really needs a development edit (along with the non-refundable reading fee, which I will deduct from the total due if we proceed to an edit). After reading, I write up a two-page list of notes for you to review.

Step 3) You decide which kind of editing you want. I write up the contract and email it to you; you agree. I send you an invoice via Paypal, which you pay promptly. If you’re doing only simple line editing, the invoice could show:

95,000 x $0.01 = $950

-$50 reading fee = $900

1/2 (the down payment) = $450

Step 4) I edit your work. If I have large questions, I contact you to ask them. Small questions, such as, “Her hair was red in the first scene but is blonde now—do you want to keep it red, or insert a line/scene when she changes it?” are made in the comments section of the manuscript itself.

Step 5) I return the edited manuscript to you on time, and invoice you for the balance due.

Step 6) You may choose, according to our contract, to process the line edits quickly and send it back to me for another pass. You let me know you’ll be doing this, and I invoice you for the additional fee when I get your revised novel. I re-edit it, taking care to look for newly introduced errors and whether it now reads cleanly. I send it back to you, you make any final changes, and your novel is done. Celebrate!

Step 7) Submit it to agents or publishers. Publish it yourself. Put it up on your website as a serial, gaining fans as you release each chunk of story. Whatever you want to do, it’s ready. (Let me know so I can tell my readers where to find it!)

Step 8) Recommend me to your friends. Come back to me with your next editing project.


  • I will do a 5-page sample edit of your manuscript if we have not worked together before. This is a free service, designed to show you what you’re getting when you hire me.
  • I work in a .doc (or .odt if you prefer) with Track Changes, so you have an opportunity to review any changes, questions, or suggestions before accepting them. I always recommend that you save two copies of this edited manuscript: one to have in case you need to go back and look at my notes or edits after you’ve accepted them, and another to work from. That way you have a backup to review if you decide you made the wrong choice about a particular line or scene.
  • I do edit short stories. I’ve had to revise my process recently, and am now sending contracts and requiring the same payment schedule as above. Short stories, novelettes, and novellas are edited more quickly and usually don’t require a rush fee. I will do a free 1 page sample edit for short stories, or a 3 page sample edit for anything over 20,000 words.
  • I offer the lowest rates possible because a lot of my clients are new authors or planning to self-publish, and my goal is to help them create their best work while on a budget. I can safely say you won’t find a less expensive professional editor, especially not working in genre fiction. I have over twenty years experience working as an editor for hire—meaning that someone paid me to do that job, and kept hiring me to do it. While your friends and even other writers can offer valuable opinion as beta-readers of your work, editing is a separate skill. An enthusiastic amateur may mean less money up front, but will cost you in terms of sales and reviews.
  • Please submit your project to me in proper manuscript format. I will return it for formatting or charge an additional fee to make the corrections myself.

My editing resume can be found here. You can contact me at cuinnedits [at] gmail [dot] com, or through my online contact form.

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  1. Hm…I’m liking the rates here, and your system. I may contact you with a project some time in the future. It depends. :)

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