Short Fiction Workshop: Better Writing Through Brevity ($50, 4 week class, begins Aug 1)

Beginning August 1, 2013, I’ll be offering a 4-week short fiction workshop online. It’s geared toward people with schedules that might keep them from being able to take a similar workshop in person, as well as non-US writers who might be 12 hours ahead or behind the rest of the class*. I wanted to keep the cost small to accommodate the folks who’ve asked me to do something like this because they can’t currently afford to hire me as an editor. This class is only $50 per person, and includes a free edit of your final writing exercise.

Before the class starts, you’ll get access to a private, online forum. There you’ll find the recommended reading, broken down by story size, as well as a place to introduce yourself. You can post your writing exercises and ideas in this space without having to worry–because it’s not open to the public, your stories won’t be considered “previously published”. You can post any time of the day or night, and your work and comments will get seen by the rest of the class.

At the beginning of each week, you’ll be emailed the lecture and assignment for that week (you are not required to be online at any specific time). You do the writing exercise for that week, and once you’ve posted it, we’ll be able to discuss your work. I will personally critique every bit of writing that gets posted, as well as answer questions and participate in the conversations. Your final assignment, a flash piece of up to 1000 words, won’t be posted in the forum. Instead, you’ll email the story to me, and I will do a thorough edit of each one. The class schedule looks like this:


Week 1 (Thursday, August 1): Introduction, 140 characters, 150 words

Week 2 (August 8): More discussion, Long sentence/six sentence stories

Flash fiction

Week 3 (August 15): 500 word stories

Week 4 (August 22): 1000 words (discuss your ideas online, but email the story to me)

After the class: edits, further reading suggestions

The online forum looks like this:

click to see a larger version

click to see a larger version

By enrolling right away, you can get early access to the “Recommended Reading”. Within 24 hours of signing up, you’ll get an email with more information, and an invite to the forum.

Plus, I’m going to limit the class size, and if you wait to sign up you might miss out.

Sign up now! $50 per person

What qualifies me to teach this class?

I am currently putting together my fourth anthology of short fiction (as an editor). I am a short fiction writer, myself, and have sold every size of short fiction, from 140 character stories, through microfiction, flash, and short stories above 1000 words. You can find my flash pieces at Daily Science Fiction and Goldfish Grimm, as well as upcoming stories in Mad Scientist Journal and at Akashic Books. I also have 20 years of experience as an editor, as well as three years teaching writing to individual students. In addition, this process of working through microfiction up to flash and then beyond is exactly the path I took when I got serious about my fiction writing a few years ago. I talk about that in the introduction to my short fiction collection, Women and Other Constructs, out now.

* Everyone is welcome, but the class will be taught in English.


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